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I am a stay-at-mother of four. I’ve been a conscious consumer my entire adult life. I am very aware of product quality and always on the lookout for the best deals on the best products. Friends and family often ask me for recommendations on goods, services, and travel attractions because they know I’ve done all the research before I make any purchase or reservation. I would be happy to test and review your products. I’m also interested in developing sponsored posts.

Other residents of The House That Never Slumbers would be just as happy to try a variety of products to be covered on this blog and its social media accounts.

RiflemanDad and BullseyeBubba are familiar with all types of hunting products, outdoor equipment, and athletic gear – basically anything manly.

Mr. & Mrs. Merica are currently renovating an older camper. They would love to give any camper-related products a try. They also have an extreme affection for all things patriotic.

DIYDoll and MissChatterbox are the slime experts of the house. They like to craft and create.

Please contact or use the form below to discuss further details:

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