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Tying the Knot Wedding Invitations DIY

Find out how to make these cute DIY Tying the Knot Wedding Invitations for around $20!

As the readers who have been hanging around The House That Never Slumbers for a while now know My Daughter Was Married in High School. We had about ten weeks to really plan the wedding, and because we do our…
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Bullet Boutonnieres & Bouquets

What could be more redneck than making your wedding flowers out of ammo? See instructions.

Yes. You read that correctly Bullet Boutonnieres and Bouquets! My daughter and her husband (who were married while still in high school, by the way) chose to incorporate ammunition into their wedding flowers. Who does that, right?! You could say…
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DIY Rustic Log Wedding Cake Stand

Get instructions for this Rustic Log Cake Stand DIY.

This DIY Rustic Log Cake Stand is fairly simple to complete if you have the right tools. We didn’t have all the tools we probably needed, but we improvised to complete the project. If we can make one of these,…
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