Pre-Black Friday – Shop Right Now!

Pre Black Friday Shopping - #blackfriday #holidayshopping #christmasshopping #christmasgifts #shopping #deals #preblackfriday #budgetshopping

Pre Black Friday Shopping - #blackfriday #holidayshopping #christmasshopping #christmasgifts #shopping #deals #preblackfriday #budgetshopping

Pre-Black Friday – Shop Right Now!

Remember when Black Friday sales started on Friday? If you wanted the deals, you had to get up super early Friday morning and wait outside of the store for the doors to open.

Then for a couple of years, Black Friday was happening at 12:01 am Friday morning. Those were my favorite years because everyone else was tired, and I was at the top of my game.

Then Black Friday started happening on Thursday – first at 10 pm, then 8 pm, then 6 pm.

Now it appears we’re moving away from Thursday and Friday altogether. I’m seeing an increasing number of Black Friday Week Sales.

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Pre-Black Friday Sales at Walmart

I received an email from Walmart yesterday about Pre-Black Friday. You can shop that sale through the link below.

Shop Pre Black Friday holiday deals at

There appear to be some pretty decent sales. If there’s something you were hoping to snag on Black Friday, it would be worth browsing through to see if you could order it from the comfort of your own home instead. Ordering online is especially convenient for large bulky items because you can’t always get a cart at in-store Black Friday shopping events.

Black Friday Week Deals at Amazon

Amazon is now doing Black Friday Deals Week leading up to the actual Black Friday Deals and their Cyber Monday Deals.

You can find several items on sale already at Amazon. Shop here! The Deals of the Day scrolling across the top of the screen change daily and look pretty good.

Pre Black Friday Shopping - #blackfriday #holidayshopping #christmasshopping #christmasgifts #shopping #deals #preblackfriday #budgetshopping

Pre-Black Friday Shopping with Ebates

Regardless of what type of shopping you do online, you should always be shopping with Ebates. Ebates is just free money coming back to you on stuff you are already buying anyway. It’s free to join Ebates.

You can join Ebates through my referral link here.

I have the browser extension installed on my laptop, so it reminds me to apply Ebates anytime I’m shopping online. Before I had the browser extension installed I would often forget to do my shopping through Ebates, and I would miss out on the cashback offers.

If you are shopping on a cell phone, you just need to go to Ebates first before you start shopping and then click the link to the retailer from the Ebates page, or shop through the Ebates app.

Black Friday: Do You Love the Hype?

I don’t love Black Friday shopping. I would actually rather stay home because I’m an introvert, and I could easily be a hermit if it were feasible. But I’m shamelessly frugal, and I do love great deals, so I tolerate Black Friday. I’m hoping everything eventually shifts to online sales, and I won’t even have to go out in the cold (which is actually the part I dislike even more than the crowds), but until then, I’ll be fighting my way through the traffic jam of carts.

What has been your best Black Friday find ever? Have you ever seen a fight on Black Friday?

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