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Kinetic Sand Slime Video - featured

Kinetic Sand Slime Video - title

Kinetic Sand Slime Video –

Kinetic sand is fun! Slime is fun! What could be more fun than mixing the two? Join my daughter and her friend as they show you how to make this great Kinetic Sand Slime which actually ends up being more like a putty than a slime.

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My daughter had a friend sleep over after they had both played in a basketball tourney all day one Saturday. I thought they would surely fall asleep as soon as they had supper, but they wanted to try a new kind of slime instead. This Kinetic Sand Slime requires kinetic sand in addition to the usual ingredients – glue, activator, and food coloring.

If you’re not familiar with kinetic sand, it’s this really weird concoction. It looks like colored sand, but as you can see in the video below, it can pour out of your hands almost like a liquid. My girls had purchased the kinetic sand used in the video a couple of months before when they had some cash after Christmas. I figured it would be dried out, but it remarkably wasn’t.

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Kinetic sand usually claims to be mess-free. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s mess-free, but it’s definitely less messy than if you had actual sand in your house. Surprisingly, it didn’t really make the slime grainy. The slime turned out to be more like a putty. You could mold it, and it would keep its shape for quite a while.

Kinetic Sand Slime is definitely something your slime-loving children will want to try!

Kinetic Sand Slime Video - featured

Find out how to make this easy Kinetic Sand Slime by watching our Kinetic Sand Slime Video.

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