Welcome to The House That Never Slumbers!

Welcome to The House That Never Slumbers where someone is always awake!

I’m glad you’ve found your way to The House That Never Slumbers!  Someone’s always awake. There’s always something interesting happening. There’s always someone making something, building something, cooking something, or playing something at nearly every hour night or day. There are seven of us living under one roof. A few of us are Night Owls, and others are Early Birds, and a couple are somewhere in between, so that means there’s basically never a time when the house is completely quiet. One person’s bedtime is another person’s wake-up time. There’s always a bustle of activity.

If you were looking for one of those showcase houses where everything is beautifully decorated, you’re probably in the wrong place. If you were looking for immaculately groomed children who sit quietly for long periods of time, those are not my children. (I’m actually convinced those children only really exist in those pictures that come already in the frames when you buy them.) This house is pretty redneck, and the people who live here are mostly rowdy. You won’t see pictures and think our house should be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. You would be more likely to think we belong on an episode of Hoarders (We’re not quite that bad.) or something with Hillbilly in the title.

You won’t find anything that belongs on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous at The House That Never Slumbers, but you will find a lot of real tips for real people who live their lives with a focus on faith, family, frugality, food, and fun.

You can meet the occupants of The House That Never Slumbers here.


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Mom of Four. Faith, Family, Frugality, Fun, Freedom, & Food. Follow us @ TheHouseThatNeverSlumbers.com where the fun never rests!

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