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Easy Spinach Fruit Smoothie Video –

This Easy Spinach Fruit Smoothie is a tasty way to sneak green leafy vegetables into your child’s diet. These can be used as a healthy breakfast that can be prepared the night before to help you beat the morning rush.

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To make this smoothie you need:

  • fruit (frozen or fresh)
  • fresh spinach
  • Greek yogurt
  • vanilla whey powder (omit for young children)
  • coconut milk
  • very ripe banana
  • ice cubes
  • packet of Stevia (optional)

Please note, you should use your own discretion in giving protein powder to children. There seems to be some debate on the internet about whether or not children should or should not use protein powder. My children are older, active, and engaged in daily athletic training, so their protein needs are different than that of a child who is not active. As always, do your own research! Consult your own healthcare providers and sports medicine practitioners before determining if protein powder is safe for your own children. If you have doubts about it, you can always substitute peanut butter or some other form of protein, or just omit the protein altogether (though the smoothie will likely not be filling enough to serve as a stand-alone breakfast without some type of protein).

You can view our video instructions for making this easy smoothie.

We found a couple of bags of fruit in our freezer that were left from my oldest daughter’s wedding last March when she was married while still in high school. Yes, I know that means they’re almost a year old. Sometimes items get lost in the back of our freezer. This fruit actually still tasted great. It hadn’t even picked up any other odd flavors from the freezer, and there was barely any freezer burn on it. We didn’t want to let it go to waste because that’s just money down the drain, so we thought it would be a good time to show you how to make our favorite Easy Spinach Fruit Smoothies.

We like to use these smoothies as a convenient on-the-go breakfast if we have to leave our house for a long drive early in the morning. They can be stored in the fridge overnight, and it’s so easy to just grab them on the way out the door. We did this a lot when my oldest daughter had travel basketball games all over the tri-state area, and we were often leaving our house super early in the morning for those.

If you plan on making these to take on-the-go instead of drinking in your home, you really need water bottles like the ones shown in the video. Trust me, you do not want to put this smoothie in a water bottle with a straw or one of those fancy squeeze tops with the valve. Those fancier bottles are nearly impossible to clean when used with anything but water. You are going to want a water bottle with a nice wide top and a nice opening that doesn’t let the smoothie get all gunked. Fortunately, the water bottles we use are some of the cheapest available and work perfectly for these smoothies. You can get a 4-pack for what many people pay for just one bottle, and they have that great loop on the side that can be used with a carabiner clip to attach them to a gym bag.

Another word of caution – DO NOT leave your empty smoothie bottle in a hot car for several weeks! If your kids are like mine, they leave water bottles all over the van all the time. Most of the time, these are just the water bottles they’ve used at basketball games, so they only have water in them. Every few weeks I have to round up all the water bottles from the van floor and run them through the dishwasher. That’s not a huge deal if it’s only water in those bottles. It’s a much bigger deal if what’s been in that bottle was smoothie, and that van has been 90 degrees for several days in a row. JUST DON’T DO IT!

You’ll also want to have one of these bottle brushes on hand, even if your smoothie bottle has not been left in a 90-degree vehicle. A bottle brush just makes it much easier to clean.

The day after we filmed this video, the girls decided to make these Easy Spinach Fruit Smoothies again. My daughter somehow dropped the entire blender pitcher onto the kitchen floor while trying to pour it into a bottle. It sent smoothie sloshing all over the cabinets, all over the dishwasher, all over my leg. I don’t have any tips on how to prevent that or how to clean up that mess. My daughter cleaned it all herself, and fortunately, the glass pitcher didn’t even break. Sometimes life gets messy, and all you can do is just go with it. At least she was taking the initiative to fix her own food, so I’m not complaining.

Easy Spinach Fruit Smoothie - featured

Do you have any great ways you sneak vegetables into your kids? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Spilled smoothie is like life happening in slo-mo with someone going “Nooooo…!” In the background!”
    But I digress.
    Green smoothies are such a good addition to life, especially for kids!

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