Easy Shower Shelf and Swimsuit Drying Rack

This easy shower shelf is the best solution for drying swimsuits without a mess this summer. #pool #swimmingpool #swimsuits #showershelf #bathroom #momhacks #summervacation

Easy Shower Shelf and Swimsuit Drying Rack DIY –

If you have a swimming pool, a pond, or your kids play outside in the garden hose every day in the summer, you cannot live without this easy shower shelf for drying swimsuits!

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Dripping swimsuits have been a constant battle at The House That Never Slumbers for as long as I can remember. With a large family, we have even more bathing suits than most homes.

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With the kids going in and out of the pool, the wet swimsuits would end up in a soggy puddle in the corner of a bathroom, or they would be flopped over the side of a bathtub to drip all over the floor.

My kids sometimes change in and out of their swimsuits four or five times a day. The girls tend to rotate between a few bathing suits because they don’t want to put back on a wet suit.

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This easy shower shelf is the best solution for drying swimsuits without a mess this summer. #pool #swimmingpool #swimsuits #showershelf #bathroom #momhacks #summervacation

There are gobs of bathing suits in the bathrooms ALL SUMMER LONG.

We have a clothesline outside, but no one wants to carry the wet swimsuit clear outside and then go back out to retrieve the suit multiple times every day.

We needed a solution to the wet swimsuit dilemma.

I’ve had children for over twenty years. Why didn’t I think of this 20 years ago?

The Drippy Wet Swimsuit Solution

We’ve tried using one of those over the door coat hook contraptions to hang the wet bathing suits. While this is a better solution than throwing all the wet suits on the floor in the corner of the bathroom, this still let the wet swimsuits drip all over the floor.

The perpetual puddle on the bathroom floor is dangerous. It’s very slippery, and even if you put a towel or rug under the suits, you still have a soggy towel or rug sitting there.

I tried running a clothesline across the shower, but this resulted in suits always being in the way when people wanted to shower. Also, the additional hassle of actually hanging the bathing suits with a clothespin meant the kids rarely used the clothesline.

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But then I had an epiphany and discovered the perfect solution for sopping wet swimsuits dripping all over the bathrooms during summer vacation.

I found this Closetmaid laundry shelf at Walmart. I actually purchased it online and had it shipped site-to-store because it was on sale for a better price on the website.

I installed it above the showers in the kids’ bathrooms.

This easy shower shelf is the best solution for drying swimsuits without a mess this summer. #pool #swimmingpool #swimsuits #showershelf #bathroom #momhacks #summervacation

Perfect Swimsuit Drying Rack

This shower shelf is the perfect solution for drying wet bathing suits! And it was so easy to install right above the bathtub.

The shelf does come with drywall anchors to install it between the studs. I wanted the shelf to be sturdier than that because my kids tend to put way too much on any shelves or hooks I install on my walls.

This easy shower shelf is the best solution for drying swimsuits without a mess this summer. #pool #swimmingpool #swimsuits #showershelf #bathroom #momhacks #summervacation

I purchased a cheap pine board for a couple of dollars. We cut it to the proper size. Then I painted it with Heirloom Traditions Cobblestone. I recently used Cobblestone to paint the vanities in two of the bathrooms, and I had some paint left. It covers so well that I only applied one coat of the paint to this project. I finished it with a bit of Heirloom Traditions Weathered Wood Antiquing Gel to make the boards look a bit rustic.

I love this Heirloom Traditions Heritage Collection paint! Doesn’t it look great on the boards?!

I applied a coat of Heirloom Traditions paint to the pine board before using it to brace the wire shower shelf.

My husband drilled the pine board right into the studs while I held the level. We then installed the ClosetMaid laundry shelf on the pine board. It’s super sturdy.

We did add a washer at the top of each screw because Rifleman Dad thought the screws might be able to slip through the wires without a washer.

My kids can overload the shelf all they want. It’s securely attached to the wall.

Next, I added these plastic clips from Dollar Tree. I just attached them with zip ties.

This easy shower shelf is the best solution for drying swimsuits without a mess this summer. #pool #swimmingpool #swimsuits #showershelf #bathroom #momhacks #summervacation

They work great for the bathing suits. It’s so easy to hang the swimsuits from the clips that my kids are actually willingly using this system.

The bathrooms are so much tidier! No more dripping swimsuit puddles!

This shower shelf is definitely a mom win.

This easy shower shelf is the best solution for drying swimsuits without a mess this summer. #pool #swimmingpool #swimsuits #showershelf #bathroom #momhacks #summervacation

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    1. Thank you! This drying rack is one of those many ideas I wish I had thought of years ago. Drippy swimsuits have been an ongoing summer problem here.

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