Cincinnati with Kids – Weekend Getaway Itinerary

Cincinnati with Kids - A 3-day itinerary for visiting Cincinnati with kids.

Cincinnati with Kids - A 3-day itinerary for visiting Cincinnati with kids.

Cincinnati with Kids –

I’ve been visiting Cincinnati my entire life, both as a kid and with my own kids. There are so many fun sites in Cincy for kids and adults.

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I recently had the opportunity to guest post over on Kids Are a Trip. Kirsten is a mother of three boys and shares her best travel tips, favorite destinations, and hidden gems regularly on Kids Are a Trip, so I was really excited to share my Cincinnati with Kids: 3-Day Itinerary with her audience.

There are several other midwest destinations covered on Kids Are a Trip, so definitely look around at some of those after you read my guest post on Cincinnati.

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Cincinnati with Kids - A 3-day itinerary for visiting Cincinnati with kids.

I mentioned several must-see Cincinnati attractions in the guest post, but there’s one oddity, I left off the list.

It was just too weird to put in a guest post. You know when you take your kids somewhere with new people, and you have to give them the talk on the way there, lecturing everyone to please just act like normal people for a couple of hours?

I mean, I was a guest over there, so I wanted to do my best to come across as a normal person. But over here at The House That Never Slumbers, we’re far from normal, so get ready for some weirdness!

The Mushroom House of Cincinnati – Not Mentioned in the Itinerary

Did you know there’s a house that looks like a mushroom in Cincinnati?

Mushroom House of Cincinnati, Ohio - Check out this quirky Hyde Park home shaped like a mushroom.

I know you are wondering who would build such a house. There’s a short video here created by Zillow because the quirky mushroom house was up for sale in 2012. The video explains the architect who designed the home as his personal residence.

I suppose he considered his home to be the ultimate portfolio of his work.

The Cincinnati mushroom home is located in Hyde Park. I won’t give the exact address because it does seem to still be a private residence, but you can find it easily enough with a bit of Googling.

Although a part of me thinks if you choose to live in a mushroom-shaped home in the middle of a huge city, you probably ought to expect gawkers to drive by regularly.

The Best Item Sold at Jungle Jim’s (according to my daughters)

Jungle Jim’s International Grocery is another quirky Cincinnati attraction. I mentioned Jungle Jim’s in the Cincinnati Weekend Itinerary guest post, but I forgot to mention my daughters’ favorite item sold at Jungle Jim’s.

Of all the hundreds of items from all over the world found at Jungle Jim’s, the product my girls find the most thrilling is…

Jungle Jim's International Grocery of Cincinnati, Ohio - Boxed Water

BOXED WATER! Really, boxed water?!

I can just drink tap water. It’s free. But the girls, for some reason, find boxed water fascinating.

They claim everyone in California only drinks boxed water. I’m hoping someone from California will comment and weigh in on that claim. I’m somehow doubting EVERYONE there drinks boxed water.

I find it more likely that one of my girls saw one YouTuber drinking boxed water one time, and that became EVERYONE.

It tastes just like water, in case you were wondering.

Cincinnati Attractions for Kids

You can find a whole lot more Things to Do in Cincinnati with Kids in the guest post, so head on over to check it out.

What’s your favorite Cincinnati attraction? Let us know in the comments.

Cincinnati with Kids - A 3-day itinerary for visiting Cincinnati with kids.

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  1. It’s been ages since we’ve been to Cincinnati. Jungle Jims sounds like something fun to explore. I love going to new grocery stores no matter where we travel. You learn a lot about an area by what they stock in a grocery store!

    1. Jungle Jim’s is one of the great wonders of Cincinnati. I also love visiting new grocery stores when we travel. I don’t always love the prices though. We’re in a low cost of living area, so grocery stores away from home are often sticker shock to me.

  2. I love Jungle Jim’s! I haven’t checked out the mushroom house but I will. Up in Charlevoix, MI there are about a dozen homes called the Mushroom homes and they are so interesting to see!

    1. Oh my. I just googled for pictures, and it’s a whole mushroom village! They look like Hobbit houses. Now I need to take a trip to Charlevoix. It’s like the Smurf village. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOL’d at the box water. You paint an accurate picture of how kids come to some (perhaps most) of their conclusions. That mushroom house is quite quirky, isn’t it!

    1. Now I’m wondering what types of conclusions others people’s children might be drawing about Indiana from our YouTube videos. It’s a frightening thought. LOL.

    1. Hello to a fellow Hoosier (I presume from your blog tags)! We only found Jungle Jim’s a couple of years ago, and I’m not sure why we didn’t start going there sooner. It’s one of our favorites now.

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