Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan

Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan - #Tebow #TimTebow #giftguide #giftsformen #football #FloridaGators #Tebowing

Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan - #Tebow #TimTebow #giftguide #giftsformen #football #FloridaGators #Tebowing

Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan –

This Ultimate Tebow Fan gift guide was inspired by an awesome opportunity we had this week. We were able to accompany the local high school chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to East Central Indiana FCA‘s annual Fields of Faith at Muncie, Indiana. Tim Tebow was the featured speaker of the night, and he definitely drew a crowd.

My husband thought we would have no trouble getting parking because Worthen Arena at Ball State can hold 11,000 people, and they were parking school buses at a local middle school and then shuttling the drivers back to Worthen. He was just sure we would get decent parking because we had been to a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert at Worthen right after we were married (which was also right after Tim and Faith were married), and we didn’t have any trouble at all getting parking. If the parking lot is a good measure, Tim Tebow must be a much bigger star than Tim McGraw or Faith.

Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan - #Tebow #TimTebow #giftguide #giftsformen #football #FloridaGators #Tebowing #FCA #FieldsofFaith

I was live on Facebook for Tim Tebow’s entire message at Fields of Faith. You can view that video here. While you’re there, please like and subscribe to our Facebook page.

We have been Tebow fans for a very long time. As homeschoolers, we were well aware of Tim Tebow even when he was playing in high school. Florida was already allowing homeschoolers to participate in high school athletics at that time, but many other states were not (and are not). Anytime a state legislature would visit the issue of homeschool student participation in athletics, whatever bill was crafted would usually be referred to as a “Tebow Bill.” We had an awareness of Tebow well before much of the nation because of this.

Tim Tebow is the real deal. Love him or hate him, no one can argue the man isn’t genuine. While many only talk a good talk, Tim Tebow, no doubt, walks the walk. Every action is motivated by what he believes. His faith is truly his life.

I’m planning to post a gift guide each week through November and December, but I don’t want to do the same normal gift guides everybody does. We don’t do normal here, so my gift guides will be a little more quirky which is how you’re ending up with a list of the Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan.

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1.) Tim Tebow Books

Obviously, most of you probably already know about Tim Tebow’s two most popular books, and many have likely read them. Since they’re amazing, I didn’t want to leave them off the list even though all the die-hard fans have certainly already read them.

Shaken by Tim Tebow

Shaken is probably the most well known.

This is the Day by Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has just recently released This is the Day.

Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters.: A Homeschooler’s Interactive Guide to Discovering Your True Identity by Tim Tebow

I have not read this guide, but I am 100% confident this would be a valuable resource for any young person no matter where they go to school.

 Tim Tebow has also authored Through My Eyes. and the Shaken Bible Study.

If you’re trying to find a book for the Ultimate Tebow Fan who has already read all of Tebow’s autobiographical works, you could always check out the array of Tebow books written by others.

2.) Tim Tebow Sports Gear

Tebow Baseball Jersey

Tebow Football Jersey

Tebow Baby Onesie

Tebowing Longsleeve T-shirt

 You can view several other Tebow clothing items here, including a variety of signed jerseys.

3.) Tim Tebow Figurines

Tebow Bobblehead – Who wouldn’t want a Tim Tebow bobblehead?

 Florida Gator Tebow Action Figure

 New York Jets Tebow Action Figure

4.) Tim Tebow Decals

Tebow Car Window Stickers

Tebow Vinyl Wall Art

This Tebow wall art is actually extremely cool, but I’m pretty sure Tebow didn’t make up this quote. That’s a paraphrase from a very old hymn.

5.) Tebow Sports Cards and Magazine Covers

Additional Tim Tebow magazine covers can be found here.

Additional Tim Tebow sports cards can be found here.

6.) Tim Tebow Cardboard Cutouts

Life-sized Tebow Cutout

Do we all need one of these in our living room? You could have Tebow in your family Christmas card picture if you own this.

 Tebow Mask

Because life-sized Cardboard Tebow is obviously too bulky to carry everywhere you go!

Parting Thoughts on the Tebow Fan Gifts

Okay, so the cardboard cutout Tebow merchandise might be a little too much, maybe even slightly creepy, but this Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan guide gives you a great start on finding the perfect gift for your Tebow-loving loved one just in time for the holidays.

What items would you add to this gift guide? What kind of other gift guides would you like to see?

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Best Gifts for the Ultimate Tebow Fan - #Tebow #TimTebow #giftguide #giftsformen #football #FloridaGators #Tebowing

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