2000 Dutchmen Lite 26QB Camper Renovation – Update 2

Dutchmen Lite Camper Renovation - Progress Update 2 - #camping #camper #travel

Dutchmen Lite Camper Renovation - Progress Update 2 - #camping #camper #travel

2000 Dutchmen Lite 26QB Camper Renovation – Progress Update 2 –

Remember that 2000 Dutchmen Lite 26QB camper that my daughter and her husband bought last fall? The last time you saw that camper it was in a million pieces in the neighbor’s barn. You probably thought there was no way on earth they were putting that camper back together again, right? It’s okay to admit it because that’s definitely what I thought.

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You can go back and view the post and video of the Merican Camper Renovation – Progress Update 1 if you missed it. There’s also a Merican Camper Sneak Peek video from before any of the work.

But here’s the latest update on the progress they’ve made on that Dutchmen Lite camper. You can see the video below. You’ll be amazed! They managed to put all the walls back together just before the bad weather started hitting here. It sat outside all winter WITHOUT LEAKING! And this was not a normal winter here. It was the-winter-we-thought-was-never-going-to-end. Seriously, winter just kept going and going and going like that little bunny. It was always winter but never Christmas.

Never-Ending Winter of 2018

It snowed for Spring Break. It snowed in May. When people are normally able to start planting some of their gardens here, it was still snowing. All of those memes about Indiana experiencing all four seasons in one day were really happening over and over again this year.

I posted this to my Instagram on March 3rd.

Indiana Snow March 13th - #Indianaweather #snowstorm

Then I posted this on March 21st.

Indiana Snow March 21st - #Indianaweather #snowinmarch

And this happened on April 3rd.

Indiana Snow April 3rd - #Indianaweather #snowinapril

But guess what?! The Dutchmen Lite 26QB camper that had been in a billion pieces didn’t leak. I’m pretty impressed with that. The newlyweds had planned to work on the Merican Camper all spring to have it ready for summer, but we never had spring this year. We went straight from winter to summer in Indiana.

A 4000-Mile Road Trip

They had plans to travel as soon as their college semester ended the last week of April. Since they weren’t able to get the Dutchmen Lite camper in serviceable shape before then, they took a 4000 mile trip across the country sleeping several nights in their Toyota 4Runner. We can share more about that adventure in another post. They took some really amazing pictures.

They weren’t able to start working on the camper until recently. Even though they put all the walls back together before winter, they still needed to finish the inside of the bedroom – laying sticky tiles and putting up wallboard. They finally had a chance to finish most of the bedroom last week.

Dutchmen Lite Camper Renovation - Progress Update 2 - #camping #camper #travel

The thought of having to start the entire process of taking all the walls off the other end of the camper to reframe the floors in the kitchen area was a bit daunting. Sleeping in the Toyota fairly comfortably on the cross-country trip, made them start to reconsider whether they really need a camper right now. They came to the conclusion that they should finish the project and then try to sell the camper for what they had in it.

Here’s the video tour of their progress. Keep reading below to find out about an exciting plot twist!

Dutchmen Lite 26QB – SOLD!

Since it sometimes takes several weeks or even several months to sell a large item, my son-in-law decided to list this 2000 Dutchmen Lite 26QB camper “as is” on a couple of rummage Facebook groups for about what they have in it. He figured he could keep updating the listing as they continued to renovate the camper, hoping to sell it before winter.

Surprisingly, just a couple of hours after I recorded the video, a couple drove from an hour away and bought the Merican Camper. They didn’t care about the current condition because they were looking for something they could completely gut and then outfit with lots of bunks to use with all their friends at Country Concert. Country Concert is this big, multi-day country music event that happens in Ohio every year. I’ve never been to it, but I imagine it’s something like the redneck version of Woodstock.

As if that weren’t enough excitement for the week, the newlyweds happened to see a couple of four-wheelers for sale a few days after they sold the camper, so they turned around and used the proceeds from selling the camper to get quads.

Polaris Quad - #redneck #atv #polaris #offroad

You can watch the video of our trail riding the day they brought them home.

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Dutchmen Lite Camper Renovation - Progress Update 2 - #camping #camper #travel

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